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Who We ARe

Tylor Ritz and Jesse Fox are the directors of Echo. They are responsible for leading the organization, Board of Directors, and the team in all that it takes for EYP to function. They are the lead content creators, program developers, and communication specialists. Jesse and Tylor each hold a Master’s Degree in Leadership Development and have spent over a decade leading teams and inspiring people through communication. 


Tylor and Jesse firmly believe that the key to transforming lives is realized the power that lies in your voice. It is important that you realize the power in your voice, and work extremely hard to make the echo that it produces one that is positive, empowering, and meaningful. 

Six years ago, along with a few friends, Jesse and Tylor founded Echo Youth Programs. In an attempt to combine a passion for empowering people with leadership, a love for camp, and an all-around excitement about creating moments to impact the youth of the world, Echo Youth Programs was born. 


Tylor, his wife, Hannah, and Jesse are extremely close friends and on many weekends, you can find them in a coffee shop, hiking, playing games, or watching movies.


For the rest of their lives, both Tylor and Jesse plan on using their passions to help others discover the voice that they have been given and shape them into powerful words that will echo throughout the world. 

Where We've Been

Over the last decade, Echo Youth Programs has been privileged to work with youth from around the world. 

It is our dream to see all youth empowered, trained, and connected - using their differences as a strength, and making an impact on this world together. We cant wait to bring Echo Youth Programs to your community.

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