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Echo One Day is a program designed for entire schools, grades, classes, or select groups. Each One Day training can be specialized for the size of your groups and the topics requested. Students will engage in activities that foster individual growth and enhance collaboration.

Echo Nation

Echo Nation is a week-long leadership day-camp designed to help the youth of your community find their voice using their gifts and passions. Our team of trainers travels around the country each summer facilitating activities designed to help youth discover their purpose, learn the power of their actions, and equip them with the tools they need to lead themselves and their peers. 

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Echo +

Echo + is the “cherry on top” of Echo Youth Programs. Not only are your youth provided with excellent training during the contracted event, but every contract with EYP supplies your youth with an extensive, long-term, training course. Echo + is the consistency in students lives that makes a difference for more than just one event, but throughout the entire year.


Echo + includes: 

  • 12 Zoom Calls with Echo Trainers and leaders from around the country

  • International networking with youth leaders

  • Access to regular mentoring from one of our trainers. 

Echo partner events

We would love to partner with you! We will engage your students in interactive leadership development that can serve as a resource for your existing programs. We facilitate workshops, speak in keynote sessions, lead small group discussions, and organize conference-wide activities that will engage your youth and elevate the impact of your event.

Echo One Day
Echo Nation
Echo Partner Events
Echo +
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